Saint Norbert




genealog.jpg    Saint Norbert (circa 1080-1134) was born in Xanten, Germany of the Noble Genne Family. He spent his youth in luxury and entertainment in the court of Emperor Henry V. In 1115 He experienced a radical change of heart when a bolt of lightening knocked Him of his horse as he galloped to make merry with his friends. He then heard a voice saying “Norbert, where are you going?” With the Grace of God he then left the luxuries of the world, gave his wealth to the poor and undertook a life of prayer and penance and became a tireless roving preacher of the gospel. As a popular preacher and later the Bishop of Magdeburg and Chancellor of the Emperor He used His unusual charismatic gifts during the Gregorian Reforms to combat the rampant antieucharistic heresies and settle the conflicts concerning investiture. He has now bequeathed his supernatural wealth to his spiritual sons and daughters of the “White Order”, now known as the Canons and Canonesses Regular of the Order of Prémontré.