Order of Premontre

The origin of the order dates back to the year when on Christmas day the first group of men clad in the white habit and gathered around holy Father Norbert pronounced the religious vows. The supernatural link uniting them as a family Community was the spirit and letter of St. Augustine known as the “Rule of love”, which, we are told, St. Norbert received in a vision from the hands of St. Augustine. The inspiration that inflamed the souls of our Founding Fathers Augustine and Norbert was the model of love for God and neighbor left on the pages of the bible by the apostles and the Early Christians. The keynote of the “Rule of love”, contained in the words “one heart and one soul directed to God” were enriched by the particular charism of St. Norbert, the heroic lover and defender of the most Holy Sacrament, the papacy, the freedom of Mother Church and the fervent veneration of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God. The white habit symbolizes the “Immaculata”, which, as tradition tells us, was handed to St. Norbert by our Blessed Mother herself. The Premonstratensian Order has given the church many Saints and Blessed. Blessed Bronislava of Poland is one such Example. The apostolic and beneficant ideal of the Norbertine Saints is now constantly realized by the spiritual children of Saint Norbert living in the numerous norbertine monasteries, especially in the contemplative cloisters like in Imbramowice.