Suffering Christ


The Regional Sanctuary of The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ arose as a result of the growing devotion to the suffering Christ, depicted in the graced XVII century painting of an unknown artist. In the high quality work of art we see Jesus with an expression of great pain and a deep wound in his right side. On his purple cloak there appear words of his great love: “BEHOLD, O SINNER, THE WOUND OF LOVE OPENED BY YOUR SINS”.

Numerous votive symbols grace the painting as the expressions of  gratitude for the often extraordinary favors obtained from Jesus. To the main expression of devotion we have the annual indulgenced observance on passion Sunday, palm Sunday, of the perpetual novena (after every Sunday mass we read the people`s words of thanksgiving and petition, which the deposit in a special box). 

We also hold nightly prayer vigils on every first Friday of  the month at 8 p.m., with masses at 9 p.m. and midnight. To all who wish to deepen their devotion to the Passion of Christ. We recommend the novena brochure and the “Imbramowice prayer book” available at the monastery. In the near future we will conduct individual and group days of recollection in the retreat house, which we are now preparing. We kindly request all persons who have been blessed with special favors to give testimony to the fact either personally at the monastery or by mail.